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Best Article Writer Software – Article Forge Review

Article Forge Review

Get HIGH-QUALITY UNIQUE Articles In Under 60 Seconds To SKY-ROCKET Your SEO Rankings and Content Marketing

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Article Forge is a next-level article writer software, that using advanced artificial intelligence and deep learning creates articles so brilliant and unique, that you’re not going to believe it.

It literally takes just a couple of clicks to create a high-quality article. It’s AMAZING.

  • Super easy to use
  • You can put your main keyword and sub keywords
  • You can put your links and desired anchor text
  • You can schedule auto-posting articles to your blog
  • You can specify the lenght of your article
  • Saves time – super fast to use
  • Saves money
  • FREE Trial


Article Forge Uses Artificial Intelligence To Write Unique Content With The Same Quality As A Human For A Fraction Of The Cost.

Content is expensive and time-consuming to create, but it doesn’t have to be. Article Forge was born out of five years of artificial intelligence research, and its deep learning models are trained on millions of articles so it can write intelligently about virtually any topic.

This allows our AI to write entire, unique, naturally flowing articles with just the click of a button, drastically cutting down the time and money needed to create content.


CASE STUDY 1: People like Articles Created by the Article Forge than those Created by Real Humans

When comparing Article Forge 2.6 articles directly to 1-star quality human-written articles, readers thought Article Forge articles were better 32.65% more often than the human-written articles. The results were statistically significant with a p-value of 0.0034.

Overall, 67.3% of all readers indicated they thought Article Forge content was at least as good as 1-star freelancer content.

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CASE STUDY 2: Articles Created by the Article Forge RANK Slightly BETTER in Search Engines than those Created by Real Humans

  1. Google ranks websites that use Article Forge content.
  2. Both websites with human-written content and Article Forge content showed very similar ranking trends throughout the entire study.
  3. Both content written by humans and Article Forge content were capable of consistently ranking in the top 5 positions on Google’s SERPs.
  4. Google’s algorithms view Article Forge content as having the same quality as content written by humans.
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Links to the exact methodology and case study descriptions, along with one more case study, you will find at the top of the Article Forge website.



Enter your keywords, specify length and a few more optional requirements


Wait for 60 seconds


Receive the article, ready to use wherever you like.


Using the Article Forge you can entirely automate your WordPress blog content creation.

Watch the video below to see how it works.


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Learn How to Do Copywriting from the Experts!

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Conversion is an industry term commonly centered around product launches, sales pages, and it’s the metric that we gauge the success of a product launch. It’s the critical factor to master if you want your visitor to become a buyer.

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How To Market Your Content Like The Gurus Do!

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Now YOU can sell like the experts … Do You Want to Learn The Secrets of The Experts and Become a Copywriting Master?

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Digital products come in many different formats. From imagery to content-based products, the possibilities are endless. And with that, so is the income potential.

How To Claim Your BONUSES?

Just send us your Article Forge receipt to support (at) in the email titled “Article Forge Bonuses” and you will get your bonuses within 72 business hours.


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